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Many veterans, homeless and less fortunate individuals find themselves in tough situations where they need legal documents notarized. 

What Does a Notary Do and How Does It Work?

The notary public’s job is to make sure that you are who you say you are, not signing under duress and aware of what you are signing. Here’s how the process works:

  1. Bring the unsigned document with you to meet the notary public.

  2. Present the notary with a photo ID to verify that you are the person required to sign the document.

  3. The notary will verify that you understand what you are signing and that you are doing so of your own volition.

  4. Once you have been verified, the notary must witness your signing of the document in their presence. If you mistakenly sign it ahead of time, you will need to sign it again in their presence or return with a fresh, unsigned document that you will sign in front of them, depending on the type of notarization you need.

  5. The notary will notarize the document with an official stamp and sign and date the document themselves.

Please call ahead for all Notary service requests. 

Office: 910.248.9698  Email:

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