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The Kinsey House Story

Kinsey House owners Dudley Ashe Kinsey, and Nell Starling Kinsey, had one son named Richard Alan Kinsey. 

In 2015 Richard was the victim of a break-in at the Kinsey homeplace. After the incident, he filed a police report with the Spring Lake Police Department. There he met Debora Hudson, connected, and became friends.


 Debora had recently finished dealing with a domestic violence issue with a young female; she shared this issue with Alan as with her vision for Spring Lake. Life immediately changed for both. Debora and Alan realized they had the same heart for people and the same love for GOD.

Alan and Debora exchanged numbers and kept in touch. Alan often traveled to Spring Lake from Raleigh to check on the homeplace. During the visits, Alan called or stopped by the police department to chat. The two reminisced on numerous childhood memories, stories of the old days, and the way Spring Lake used to be. Debora fell in love with Alan’s sense of humor and ability to tell a story.

After organizing a group of visionaries to discuss the need in Spring Lake, Debora shared her vision that spawned a commencement of conferences. Alan attended the sessions, and in 2019, the committee formed the Board of Directors and the 501 (c) (3) non-profit.  Commitment and dedication produced the Spring Lake Family Support Services.

Alan never joined the Board of Directors but continued attending the meetings. He always said that his mother, Nell, would love what they were doing in the community. Now, the only thing missing was a building.


In 2020, Alan Kinsey donated his family home to Spring Lake Family Support Services.  Alan specified that his mom would be so proud to know that their homeplace would be a part of the productive work in the community.  He requested that we promise one thing - to call it  "The Kinsey House."  


Debora shared, "Tears of joy rolled down my face.  I realized how GOD spontaneously blessed us with another piece of the puzzle for the vision."  She continued, "Alan and I have graduated from friends to brother and sister.  He is now a part of our Board Of Directors.  We thank GOD for him.  We pray Dudley and Nell Kinsey are watching over us from Heaven."


Today, Spring Lake Family Support Services programs stand to break the cycle of domestic violence by providing fundamental education, referrals, and resources. In addition, the program offers free laundry services and shower facilities for the homeless population and anyone dealing with home instability.  


The mission is to Reach Families, Restore The Community, Renew Minds and RISE Stronger Together! 

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