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A Path 4word Mentoring/Tutoring Program

Providing positive guidance, motivation, encouragement & emotional support to youth ages 12 – 17 through education, recreation, & community involvement. Providing a sense of community while building relationships with a strong support system that increases positive behavior and ensures youth become thriving, productive, contributing members of society.



Our tutoring program's mission is to provide a safe, caring learning environment through one on one and small group coaching to students in subjects where they are struggling. We are dedicated and focused on identifying the unique needs of each student, ensuring academic success for all.



Our mentoring program's mission is to increase knowledge, build skills, and grow future leaders. We are committed and dedicated to cultivating, and investing in our future leaders by building self-confidence, and self-awareness,  introducing new and different perspectives while helping youth achieve personal and career goals.

Youth are paired with mature and positive role models committed to spending quality time with the mentees that will support and place youth on a successful path 4word.

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